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Jacob Corewill, the writter of The Diaries of the Middle Universe, was born in İstanbul, Turkey, in 1975. He started to write his novel series in 2006. It took 12 years for him to finish his bestsellers. First edition was in Turkish lenguage and he decided to translate books to English in 2019, for sharing them to all over the world.

He has been living in Marmaris almost for 25 years and by finishing his carrier in Tourism he moved to small city called Muğla. He finished his education about Tourism and Hotel Management and Public Administration.

His imagination is always about outer life in space even different universes. He impressed from the other performers too much that he mentioned about it in every book he wrote.

'I present this story to the spectacular writers and directors that I have read their stories and watched their films for years, which have influenced my imagination and dream world and took me to wonderful lands'