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18 Şubat 2019 Pazartesi



Gibraltar, which is part of the overseas territory of England in the Mediterranean Sea, has caused a crisis again between Spain and England.

The statement made by the UK:
"The Spanish war ships tried to force away the offshore commercial vessels . British navy came accross and Spanish ships, armed and full of soldiers, fled. These movements are silly game" 

The domination of the autonomous region of Gibraltar in southern Spain, which was on the UN 's list of non-autonomous countries, was transferred to Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht, signed in 1713.

Spain said, this agreement is not a provision for throat and territorial waters, while the United Kingdom said that Gibraltar was left to him as a whole. Similarly, Spain argues that the UK has the right to determine its political status, while citing the UN's territorial integrity and decolonization decisions against the Gibraltar problem.

The economy of Gibraltar, where approximately 34 thousand people live, is based on "off-shore" banking, online betting and tourism. The area of ​​6.7 square kilometers of land in southern Spain causes tension between Spain and the United Kingdom on military and diplomatic grounds.

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